Charitable Giving

We love this community and appreciate the opportunity to serve here. Since we want to help our community flourish, we also pay our employees almost 3 times the tipped minimum wage required by the Michigan and Wisconsin food industry. Much of what we earn in sales goes into payroll and we have little excess for monetary donations to the community.

Therefore, we have had to set guidelines and limits for what we can donate to so that our contribution makes an impact on the most individuals. What we can contribute is not large but sometimes we can even donate merchandise toward an organization’s raffle.

The efforts and causes that we can handle at this time include Non-Profit Organizations, School Districts, and Community Organizations. Until further notice, we cannot support efforts for individuals or small groups.

We hope to be in a position to afford less restrictive guidelines, but until then, we can only do our best.

Copper Cup will not provide donations to organizations that, in their constitution, bylaws, or practices, discriminate against a person or group because of age, race, national origin, ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual orientation, political affiliation, or religious belief.

We accept, however, that organizations may target services to a particular population when the targeted groups require specialized programs to meet specific needs not shared by the general population.

If you feel your cause would fit our guidelines, or if you’re not sure, please fill out a donation request by clicking on the red button below. Please understand that we cannot donate to all requests but all requests will be evaluated and considered.


  • Requests will only be considered if requested through this online platform.
  • Requests must be made 1 month prior to needing the donation.
  • Click on the button to complete a request