Join Our Team

In efforts to hire the best, brightest and most passionate team members, we accept applications on a rolling basis.

Because our employees are our most valuable asset, we pay regular minimum wage + tips (not tipped minimum wage). That’s about 3 times as much as food & drink establishments are required for employees who receive tips. Current regular minimum wage is $10.10/hour and will rise each year 2030 (yay!). While training, trainees are not eligible for tips.

Baristas under the age of 18 are paid $6.00/hour + tips after training. Minimum age for employment is 16.

Full-time employees (32+ hours) are eligible for medical insurance benefits. For full shifts baristas receive a 30 minute paid lunch break.

Employees are expected to work in front of various types of weather at the window, including below freezing temperatures and direct sunlight. They’re also expected to lift up to 40 pounds for stocking and they have to walk through the elements to retrieve these. Employees are also expected to stand for several hours at a time. Tasks vary and may change as needed.

Here are qualities we look for in individuals to build our team:

  • Friendly & Approachable
  • Team Player
  • Loves Early Morning Banter
  • Mature
  • Motivated
  • Self Starter & Works Independently
  • Professional
  • Self & Socially Aware
  • Handles Critical Customers Well
  • Accepts Feedback Well
  • We care more about a friendly personality and team player than we do about barista experience – we can teach anyone how to sling espresso shots.
  • Enjoying coffee and the coffee culture is also required 🙂